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Find Your Place in History with the Shelter Island Historical Society

The Shelter Island Historical Society (SIHS), is a 501 (c) not for profit organization.

Established in 1922, the Society operates and maintains the Havens House Museum, the 1743 farmstead of patriot James Havens; the replicated (1988) Havens Barn; and The Elizabeth Pedersen History Center.

The mission of the Shelter Island Historical Society is to collect, research, preserve, and share Island history. We interpret Shelter Island's past through historical material and through its people; from the first Native American inhabitants, settlers, and town fathers, to those who have made it a caring and unique community today. The SIHS serves as caretaker of the Island's historical records and artifacts and as the Island's ambassador sharing the Island's rich history with the public.

From the first residents to current day, agriculture, maritime and the tourism industries on Shelter Island have played an integral role

the overall economic development of the North East, U.S.A. through the 18th–21st Centuries.

Havens House is listed on the State and National Register of Historic

Places and is Shelter Island's only museum.

The Society's archival department maintains over 10,000 documents in a climate-controlled vault. Documents include; correspondence, deeds, maps, newspapers, artwork, various publications, photos and legal documents, and other interesting records. Documents from the archival library are available for viewing by appointment.

The Shelter Island Historical Society is funded through donations and program fees Programs and events for all ages are held throughout the year.

SIHS is able to provide educational programs enjoyed by local residents and visitors of all ages, and national and international tourists. Through collaborations with artists, schools, civic groups and clubs, the society's goal is to celebrate historical times and relate the past to current day.

We believe that History is in the making. provides general information and lists upcoming events and programs.

We welcome your visit.